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Do you know about the Childcare offer? Children ages 3 and 4 only - apply now.

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Well-being - 'Excellent'Care and Development - 'Excellent'Environment - 'Excellent'Leadership and Management - 'Excellent'

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Clean, safe, providing.

'Let Ribbons Wraparound'

Ages 3 -7

Why choose us? Check out our videos and see for yourself!


Please note prices are subject to change and might no longer be applicable as this media ages! The films are too good to remove, only our opinion...

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Our Story

Co-created by two primary school educators, Kate Watkins-Freeman and Jo Watkins-Freeman, Ribbons Preschool endeavors to deliver only the best for your child. With play at the forefront of every child's early development, Ribbons will facilitate an arena of continuous provision and varied activities that inspire and engage. Our purpose built preschool is the perfect setting for your child to learn, be cared for and socialise with other children.

All 'Ribbons' will be active and motivated, both independently and through group work. They will have access to varied and enhanced provision both in and outdoor, whilst encompassed within a learning environment that is safe and providing.

Friends of Ribbons...

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