Meet Our Ribbons

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Kate Watkins-Freeman

Director, Teacher and Early Years Specialist

As co-owner and creator of Ribbons Preschool, Kate Watkins-Freeman is set to provide an invaluable service to her students at Ribbons. Kate has a masters in Early Childhood Studies and is a true ambassador of learning through play. With over ten years of experience teaching in Foundation Phase across South Wales, Kate is a passionate and enthusiastic practitioner ready to embark on this new and exciting venture.  


Jo Watkins-Freeman

Director, Teacher and Music Specialist

As co-owner and teacher Jo Watkins-Freeman is a creative practitioner who has been accused of having boundless energy! Jo has experience of teaching children of all ages and cultural backgrounds. She studied primary teaching and music in Britain's leading university in 2013 and has since taught across the globe, molding and developing her different teaching techniques. As a musician and lover of creativity Jo will ensure children have opportunity to explore and learn through different creative mediums.


Vicky Jones

Preschool Assistant

Joining us with a burst of brightness and boundless energy, Vicky Jones is our Welsh speaking team member.

Vicky actually trained as an art specialist and teacher in Kingston University, London.  She is fluent  in the Welsh language and leads our Welsh days every Wednesday. Vicky also leads a community football team for under sevens in her village. When Vicky is not here at Ribbons filling the room and smiles she is busy running Art work shops from her local primary school and home in the Vale.

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Kasia Koprowska

Preschool Assistant

Coming to us all the way from Poland, Kasia is an enthusiastic, passionate Early Years specialist who always puts the children and their needs before everyone and everything. Kasia has a deep interest in Additional Learning Needs and is excited to further her professional development in this sector. As an ambassador of cultural diversity, Kasia puts emphasis and celebrates the importance of difference in her daily planning and practice. Whilst she communicates in both English and Polish Kasia is currently learning sign language and Korean! She is full time here at Ribbons, working tirelessly to keep all our children happy and inspired.

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Abby Welsh

Preschool Supervisor and Manager

Abby Welsh has a degree in Education from Cardiff University. Furthermore she has a Level 3 in childcare and over fifteen years experience of working in daycare. She is also a passionate artist and is incredibly talented at drawing. Abby's attention to detail in our surroundings and attention to organisation makes Ribbons a beautiful, inspiring and colourful setting for all our children.  With care and play at the forefront of her practice Abby makes every Ribbon's session a happy and joyful one!

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Karen Bassett

Preschool Assistant

Karen, who also comes from a background in teaching, is a language specialist. She speaks both Russian and French. Whilst at Ribbons Karen brings a world of imagination to our children telling them stories of little Tip Tap the gnome who goes on daily adventures in the world around his home. Jumping on stepping stones, crunching up the leaves and of course all with his furry pal Mostyn dog. Karen literally brings Tip Tap to life and teaches children all about the world around us and how much fun and discovery there is just around the corner.


Lauren Taylor

Preschool Deputy Supervisor

Ready for anything, Lauren has a degree in Primary education, holds a level three NVQ in childcare and early years and is also a qualified gymnastics coach. Lauren will endeavor to deliver a sweet balance of care and education to all at Ribbons with key focus on the children's development and physical literacy. Taking full advantage of our outdoor space children will have daily opportunity to run, skip, climb, crawl and MOVE with Lauren, insuring steady improvement in their coordination and physical abilities.


Sarah Sheppard

Preschool Assistant

Sarah joins us with over 25 years of daycare and management experience. As a mother of two and incredibly knowledgeable practitioner Sarah is a invaluable asset to our preschool who we all admire and respect.

Sarah currently holds an NVQ level 3 for childcare and management. Alongside qualifications she enjoys baking, spending time in the outdoors and of course quality time with family.

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Vikki Pocock

Preschool Assistant

With over twelve years of experience in Child Care Vicky is an invaluable member of the team here at Ribbons. As a resident of Dinas and mum of two, Vicky truly appreciates and understands what Ribbons is all about and what our families require and need. She is an extremely talented baker and loves getting in the kitchen with all the children. Vikki has a Level 3 in Childcare Learning and Development and has worked in two other childcare settings prior to Ribbons. Vikki also has experience working alongside expectant and new mothers in the perinatal sector, within the community, helping women in need of support. As a keen camper Vikki loves the great outdoors and is literally ready for anything. 

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Shannon Richards

Preschool Assistant

Coming from a large family Shannon joins us with a wealth of experience when it comes to spending time with children, caring for them and generally having a lot of fun. Shannon is an enthusiastic team member who is currently embarking on her Level 2 in Childcare. Shannon also has her level 2 in Food hygiene and plays a key role in our kitchen, delivering nutritious meals and snacks to the children every day. Furthermore Shannon helped Ribbons obtain a Gold Snack Award for Early Years in Daycare settings. Shannon is an organised and natural team player who makes Ribbons a smooth and calm place to be in.

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Chloe-Lou Thomas

Preschool Assistant

Chloe is an ambitious and naturally hard working. Whilst Chloe loves working at Ribbons she is currently training to be a nurse and later a mid-wife. Chloe is bilingual and attended Welsh school herself. She spends a lot of quality time with our children, doing songs and nursery rhymes in Welsh as well as playing with them inside and outdoors. Chloe always puts the children's choices first and she provides them with nothing but the highest quality of care.

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Adel Childerstone

Preschool Assistant

As a mum of three Adel brings her fantastic nurturing skills to our Ribbons team. Adel has experience in multiple childcare settings and brings her kind, natural and caring personality to our preschool. Currently Adel is working towards her Level 2 Childcare qualification and is involved in the local community.