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What make Ribbons right for you?

The Preschool

Ribbons is a unique choice for your child. Our children, starting from 3, enjoy the ENTIRE setting, all activities, every member of the team and limitless indoor and outdoor provision. Everything in the preschool is designed and planned completely around them. 

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Our open plan room is set out into different areas, in line with Foundation Phase Curriculum and supplies the children with varied choices that are educational and fun. Our morning and afternoon sessions are made up of children from the local schools and catchment meaning our Ribbons are amongst their peers at all times. At this crucial developmental and transitional stage from childcare to school age, Ribbons bridges the gap and makes the leap to full time schooling all that more simple. 

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We boast a passionate staff who are devoted to our mission of care and education and where they meet at this stage of their childhood.  Myself, Kate and the team cannot wait to show you our nursery and see what it is Ribbons can do for you and your family. 

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