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'Let Ribbons Wraparound'

Ages 3 -7

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A Ribbon's Day

Our preschool has been designed to cater for children who attend nursery and foundation phase.


Every area has been thought out to educate and scaffold the child's development. Our Ribbons have daily 'discovery time' where they are free to explore and access both indoor and outdoor provision.

Along side this we follow a structured routine which includes, carpet time, well-being, adult led tasks and meal times.

All our Ribbons are encouraged to tidy up, look after our preschool and wash our hands before eating or cooking.

Independence is a huge part of their day, so things like preparing their own snack and washing up their own plates is built into their experience.

Much like school, Ribbons all follow the same behaviour plan. We understand things like sharing, listening and kind hands. Ribbons are praised for positive behaviours and encouraged to make good choices when faced with tricky decisions.

There is a large outside garden where children can access provision in the open air. All our Ribbons play outside multiple times a day, in all weathers.

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